What is cryptocurrency

Exactly What Is Cryptocurrency

If you’ve paid any attention to financial news over the past year, you’re bound to have seen some mentions of cryptocurrency. While this type of digital money has gained a lot of attention lately, a survey found that a large percentage of adults in the UK don’t really understand what cryptocurrency is. [1]

An Introduction to Cryptocurrency

The first and largest cryptocurrency was Bitcoin. The inventor of this particular crypto started out to create what he called a P2P digital cash system that didn’t rely upon banks or governments.

In fact, this kind of electronic money does not rely upon any central authority at all. Instead, it uses a technology called blockchain that manages Bitcoin through a distributed network of servers. Later, other cryptocurrency came along and used similar blockchain technology to operate.

Basically, each unit of crypto is referred to as a coin or token. These electronic coins each have value in various national currencies, such as pounds, Euros, or dollars. The value mostly is set through demand, and in the past, they have fluctuated quite a bit.

Is Cryptocurrency Secure?

is crypto secure

Each of the servers is called a node, and multiple nodes must agree upon each transaction. This helps make the entire system secure because independent nodes must agree and users are protected against hacking or corruption in any one network. Each digital coin owner has their own cryptographic key that they can use to conduct transactions as well.

How Is Cryptocurrency Used?

To obtain cryptocurrency, you can generally earn, trade for, or buy it. Most commonly, people find an exchange that will allow them to exchange their own country’s currency for cryptocurrency at the agreed-upon exchange rate. Some businesses accept payment in crypto, and people use exchanges to trade from one type of electronic currency to another or trade other items for digital coins.

Before you can deal with crypto, you’ll need a place to store it. This is called a wallet, and you can choose from one of two kinds:

* Software wallet: In this case, you download software to your own computer or even your cell phone to store your digital currency. It’s very important for you to keep this wallet backed up securely because if you lose it, you will lose any digital money it contains.

* Internet wallet: Some companies and exchanges offer web-based wallets. The company that offers this service should be responsible for security and backups. Before you choose a cryptocurrency wallet, you should research the reputation of the company because some online wallets have been hacked in the past.

Why Do People Invest In Cryptocurrency?


Most people hope to earn a profit by buying crypto at a lower price and waiting until it increases in value. In this way, buying crypto may be similar to speculating upon other kinds of assets. However, some people just enjoy the privacy that they can enjoy because they can make anonymous purchases and trades. At the same time, even large banks and other businesses have begun to explore some of the benefits of cryptocurrency and the underlying technology, blockchain

choosing shisha liquids

How To Choose Shisha Pen Liquids

Shisha use has become quite popular over the years. The negative health effects associated with smoking shisha have also been highly publicized. For those who wish to enjoy their regular shisha fix, without exposing themselves to the numerous health risks associated with smoking traditional shisha, its recommended that you turn to the use of shisha pens.

Shisha pens operate in the same e-cigarettes do; eliminating the combustion of tobacco, and with it, the harmful associated effects. Once you get yourself a shisha pen, the next step will be to get an e-liquid you are bound to enjoy vaping.

Here is a list of tips to guide you to the right shisha pen liquids.

The Problem with shisha and e liquids

There is a huge variety of e-liquids on offer out there, both online and in stores; this variety makes finding a perfect fit highly likely. However, the sheer volume of the available options also makes it highly unlikely for you to try out each flavor as you look for a perfect fit.

The tips below are meant to make it easier for you to find your preferred flavor from the variety of shisha pen liquids available out there.

Available Shisha Flavours

There are two main types of e-liquid flavors. These are fruity and non fruity flavors. Fruity flavors are tailored to capture the taste of a specific type of fruit. The most common flavors in this category include orange, mango, pear, peach and pineapple among others.

On the other hand we have non fruity flavors. Thes e-juice flavor is tailored to capture the taste of something other than fruit. This may be anything from tobacco, alcoholic drinks to food. Some of the popular non fruity flavors available include beer, wine, creamy and tobacco.

Flavor cocktails, which are a mixture of two or more individual flavors, are also available at E shisha pen reviews UK


The main ingredients used in the base solution used in making e-liquid are Vegetable Glycerol (VG) and Propylene Glycol(PG). The two ingredients can be used solely, or mixed together. Vegetable Glycol tends to produce thick clouds of vapor when vaping. However, it also has a distinct sweet taste. This means that it has the ability to mask some flavors. Propylene Glycol on the other hand produces less vapor and a stronger flavor hit.

Shisha pen liquids with a higher PG are best suited to those who are looking to enjoy a flavorful vaping experience.

With the above information in mind, you will have an easier time finding your preferred shisha liquid.

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